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Portrait of Aida
Original title: Retrato de Aida
Director: Antonio Gómez – Olea
Year of release: 2015
Duration: 83 min
Original language: Spanish

“Portrait of Aida” deals with the personal relationship that develops between the painter Guillermo Oyagüez Montero and the actress Aida Folch over the course of more than a year, as they meet, session by session, to do a portrait.

Antonio Gómez-Olea (Bilbao, 1962) Bachelor of CSC (Rome) and Fine Arts UCM (Marid). In 1992 he founded the production company Mare Films SL, which has set up feature films, short films, creative documentary, and televisión projects. Filmography as director Feature: “Ring of fog”. Short Film: “Pneuma”, “Moonbeam”, “The Conversations”; “Olocausto sin ache”; “Tirannicidio”; “Misfortune”. Documentaries: “Guillermo Oyagüez Montero”; “Portrait of Aida”.

Singing to the depths of the Earth
Original title: Kawito tatei nierika
Year of release: 2015
Duration: 43 min
Director: Alex Campos García
Original language: Spanish

Wirikuta is a sacred desert in Mexico. The indigenous Wixárika undertake a pilgrimage to this location, as one of their most important rituals. They consider it the navel of the world. This ancestral culture and its natural environment are now under threat because mining concessions for open air mining have been granted to companies to exploit gold and silver. Wixárica communities gather here, in ceremony against the mining concessions, in defence of the land. In this documentary we listen to their voices and accompany the ceremony as different ancestral rituals are celebrated and the world is reinterpreted through ceremony.

Alex Campos García was born in Madrid, where he studied audiovisual arts, photography, and took part in the squatting social movement. He studied performance arts, visual arts and documentary filmmaking in Lisbon. Alex works with indigenous communities, performers, autists, prostitutes, visual artists, children, choreographers, blind people, monks and other artists, producing dance and theatre shows, exhibitions, socio-artistic-community projects, festivals and films. In 2004 he created Nomad Eyes, a documentary film project with the intention of sharing the process of film making with people accross the world. Meeting different communities, he gives them the camera and encourages them to make films from their own point of view.

Cooking up a Tribute
Original title: Cooking up a Tribute
Year of release: 2015
Duration: 87 min
Director: Luis González, Andrea Gómez
Original language: Spanish

“Cooking Up a Tribute” chronicles an unprecedented journey in which one of the best restaurants in the world closes its doors for five weeks in order to go on the road. In their travels around four American countries, the team from El Celler de Can Roca pays tribute to Mexican, Peruvian and Colombian cuisine with their own personal reinterpretation of local ingredients and traditions.

Luis González has dedicated most of his professional career to the field of corporate communications. Since 2012, first as Project Manager and later as Executive Producer at Contents Area, Luis has produced television programs, documentaries, corporate videos and advertising spots. Starting in 2013, he began to combine his work in content design and creation with his work as a director.

Andrea Gómez has studied production, directing and screenwriting at various film schools in Madrid. In 2010 he founded a production company called Tócalasam along with two other partners, producing advertising spots, campaign, music and corporate videos and short films. In mid-2012, Andrea started working at Contents Área as a director and scriptwriter alongside Luis González.

Knowledge Eating
Original title: Comer conocimiento
Year of release: 2015
Duration: 22 min
Director: Luis Germanó
Original language: Spanish

Ferran Adrià dons his chef’s jacket once again, to take up a new challenge: cooking without cooking and reformulating the conference format, turning it into content to explain the creative process that led him to make his restaurant elBulli one of the great temples of 20th creativity, a feat that would forever change the history of gastronomy.

Luis Germanó is a tireless traveller who has finally settled in Barcelona after traveling around half the world. He was a bad acting student, and he soon discovered that he was better at creating that at acting, although along the way he has experimented with such diverse fields as painting, photography, writing, and even the circus. He has spent the last six years specializing in direction and audiovisual creation. As a multidisciplinary artist, he has fiddled with indie music videos, advertising, and the production of live music tours in Spain. Spontaneous, fast and curious, his work keeps evolving although is recognized by its elegant, clean, and detailed style with a touch of his passionate and irreverent personality. www.luisgermano.com

Game Over
Original title: Game Over
Year of release: 2015
Duration: 79 min
Director: Alba Sotorra
Original language: Catalan, Spanish

A young man obsessed with wargames becomes a soldier following his fantasy. But real war bores him and he returns home to confront a family war caused by the Spanish crisis. Only when he realizes that reality is not like in the movies, he will be able to grow up.

Alba Sotorra is a film director and videoartist based in Berlin. Her work focuses on real stories of genuine characters that reflect on controversial issues like Islam and women, motherhood, popular culture, development, capitalism, international cooperation, warmongering and change climate. Through creative documentary, web-based documentary and AV Installation, she aims to open spaces for reflection and discussion to facilitate understanding of the world in constant change in which we live. She has worked, filmed and lived worldwide. She is currently developing a transmedia project on climate engineering and a documentary on subversive motherhoods.




Märts 27 (Pühapäev) - Aprill 2 (Laupäev)