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26märts05:00Short Film Thursdays of SuperNova

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Short Film Thursdays of SuperNova cinema will feature in March a special programme of Iberofest, coordinated by director Jaime Noguera (Spain) presenting the finest selection of short films from Spain and Colombia from last few years.


Duration: 60 min

The Pasto film festival (FICPA) has been taking place for 10 years already. A diverse selection will give en overview of the audiovisual creations of this borderline region. Do you like Gabriel García Márquez?

NARIÑO AT ITS BEST (Andrés Cuastumal, Joanna Jiménez, Juan Jurado, Julian Ponce)

Synopsis: A one minute tour in the Department of Nariño, Colombia.

Length: 1 min

Year: 2014

THE NATURAL ROUTE (Andrés Huertas)

Synopsis: In the war, everything has the same cycle.

Length: 2 min

Year: 2014

KUNTUR (Byron Jojoa y Cristian Dario)

Synopsis: The Condor survives to the modern barbarity.

Length: 2 min

Year: 2014

ALEN (Natalia Imery)

Synopsis: Portrait of a generation where a person is just a being and nothing more.

Length: 25 min

Year: 2014

ORANGES (Iván Gaona)


For Rosa, a peasant woman rooted in the rural life, learning how to drive a vehicle at 55 years old is somewhat complex, but at the moment, the most difficult part is not to start the car, but where to arrive.

Length: 15 min

Year: 2014

ZUGAR ZOMBIE (Alexander Quezada)

Synopsis: An ironical portray of how things work in a small Latin American society.

Length: 15 min

Year: 2014

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