märts, 2017


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SHAWI SANAPI is a photographic journey into the life of the Shawi indigenous women in the Amazonian region of Balsapuerto in Peru.

The Shawis live in harmony with nature along the Cachiyacu river, dedicating themselves to small-scale farming, hunting and fishing. Their culture is based on deep respect for nature, their ancestors and indigenous traditions. Though they are inevitably connected to the Western world, they feel no need to become part of it.

Indigenous people, especially women, still face much discrimination worldwide – for being women, for being indigenous and for their socio-economical status alike. The objective of the photo exhibition is to counter this by showcasing the Shawi women from a different perspective.

Anna Björnberg-Michelsson, the Founder of DREAMS, and renowned photographer Meeri Koutaniemi travelled to Balsapuerto to spend time with the women and get a glimpse into their everyday lives. By capturing their innate strength, courage and beauty on camera, they wanted to empower the Shawis and highlight how special and amazing they really are.

The exhibition is part of a collaborative project by DREAMS and its Peruvian partner CHIRAPAQ (Centre for Indigenous Cultures of Peru). All the photos can be bought in custom sizes, and 100% of the profits will be directed to the project’s welfare program.

The wider aim of the project is to improve overall health and nutrition levels, which are currently alarming. 97.6% of the homes in Balsapuerto have no access to drinkable water, and a large number of children suffer from chronic malnutrition.

There are 370 million indigenous people living in more than 90 countries across the world. In Peru 45 % of the population are indigenous.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Björnberg-Michelsson/ DREAMS of Equality r.f.



märts 6 (Esmaspäev) - 27 (Esmaspäev)