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Ciudad delirio
Colombia 2014, 99 min.
Director: Chus Gutiérrez
Cast: Carolina Ramírez,  Julián Villagrán,  Ingrid Rubio,  Jorge Herrera,  John Alex Castillo, Miguel Ramiro,  Diego Landaeta,  Margarita Ortega

Javier, a shy Spanish doctor in a business trip, meets Angie, a beautiful Colombian dancer and owner of a Salsa school. Returning to Madrid, Javier does not feel right with his life and encouraged by his best friend comes back to Colombia to settle there for a while. Angie is working with her talented young dancers to make an audition to be part of Delirio: the most famous salsa show in the world. Javier and Angie will meet again, and live an impossible romance between two cultures, full of obstacles and misunderstandings, immersed in the world of salsa dancers in the town where dancing is the goal, the dream and life.


(Kolmapäev) 21:35 - 21:35