märts, 2019


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Flamenco Quintet “Castaño” offers a spectacle of flamenco live music: singing, dancing and playing, performed by artists of Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Cuban and Estonian origins. Castaño has prepared a special spectacle under the name “Abanico”, where traditional flamenco item, the fan, is used in on stage in different roles: as merchandise, as accessory, as part of a costume, even as means for comedy! All in a colourful and entertaining performance that goes beyond the format of a standard musical concert and wishes to be memorable for the audience.

 “Castaño” project was born as a quartet in 2015. The name “Castaño”, which means “chestnut tree” in Spanish, was formed by the first letters of the names of all the members of the band at that time: KAlli, STefania, ANton and JOrge. In 2017, the percussionist Zsolt Bánhalmi joined the band. With this new formation and in that same year, they brought their music to Pskov, Russia, in a concert organized together with “Stuudio Duende”, a dancing studio that has been active in Tartu for 18 years.  In 2018 Castaño performed at the Tampere Flamenco Festival, also together with Stuudio Duende, being the first Estonian troupe that performed there in the history of that festival, the oldest flamenco festival in the Nordic countries.   In 2019, the singer of the band has changed due to personal circumstances, and Stefania Airapetjan-Adili has been replaced by Ruber Veliz.

The present members of Castaño Flamenco Quintet are:
Kalli Pikas – dance
Ruber Veliz – singing
Anton Golovko – singing / guitar
Jorge Arena – guitar
Zsolt Bánhalmi – percussion

Tickets and more detailed information at Piletilevi.ee
Presale tickets 10 EUR /Before the concert 12 EUR



(Pühapäev) 16:00 - 17:00



Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu