võib, 2022

07mai12:0018:30Intensive course for guitarists: accompaniment of Flamenco dance. One-day intensive course with live dance and percussion

Event Details

Description of the course:

In this course all the participant guitarists will get the experience of accompanying a Flamenco dancer together with a Flamenco percussionist. The masterclass is aimed at beginner and intermediate guitarists who want to have their first experience accompanying Flamenco dance, as well as to those guitarists who want to improve their rhythmical and communicational skills when playing together with Flamenco dancers and percussionists.

The participant will receive in advance several materials that he/she will work on individually to be able to perform them during the Masterclass together with the dancer and the percussionist. During the session there will be moments of group accompanying and also moments of individual accompanying. The tempo will be adapted to the preference of each participant in his/her turn, and the guitar assistant Jorge Arena will be ready to support and help out those who are more hesitant about playing individually.

Materials for the course:

  1. Escobilla por soleá (beginner’s level)
  2. Escobilla por soleá (intermediate level)
  3. Silencio and escobilla por alegrías (beginner’s level)
  4. Silencio and escobilla por alegrías (intermediate level)

Each participant will receive after his/her registration the listed materials on music notation + TABS together with video recordings with the guitar performance of each piece of material by way of example. The participant should work on those materials in the weeks and months prior to the course to be able to perform them fluently during the Masterclass. If not all, he/she should be able to perform at least one of the materials, even if at a very slow tempo. Dancer, percussionist and guitar assistant will completely adapt to the needs of each participant in his/her turn. All interested guitarists, please mind that the earlier you register, the more time you will have to get properly ready. In case any participant knows any other arrangement for the dance structures proposed, he/she will be welcome to try it out during his/her turn additionally to the proposed arrangements.

Registration fee: 85 eur.

How to register: write to  jorgearenaflamenco@gmail.com including:

– full name

– brief description of your previous experience playing Flamenco guitar


(Laupäev) 12:00 - 18:30


Heldeke teater-baar

Tööstuse 13


Jorge Arena jorgearenaflamenco@gmail.com