märts, 2017


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World premiere of “Estonian Suite” composed for solo piano and performed by Iñaki Sandoval, the director of Viljandi Culture Academy. The work will be published shortly by Bebyne Records  (www.bebyne.com).

The music is inspired by Estonia: its people, traditions and culture, its beautiful nature and landscapes, forests, lakes and rivers, its peacefulness, winter, solitude and silence. Under the prism of jazz and improvisation, the language is closer to the classical and impressionist music of the 20th century with influences of minimalism, folk and popular music.

“Estonian Suite” invites to withdrawal, meditation and inner reflection, even to listen with your eyes closed. The piano is located in the middle of the concert hall, with soft lighting and the audience forming a circle around the interpreter. The proximity of the interpreter and the audience make it possible to listen actively and closely, receiving directly the vibrations of the strings of the piano without intermediation. This is when the music no longer belongs to the artist, but to the listener.

Iñaki Sandoval (1974) is one of the leading jazz pianists of the Spanish music scene. His brilliant career as a pianist has taken him to perform concerts and master classes in Spain, Europe and America. He studied in Berklee College and University of Nevada in Las Vegas and gained a PhD in musicology and art history in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Currently he is the director of the Viljandi Culture Academy. Before that he was the founder of the Jazz department and the director of Postgraduage Studies in the Conservatorio del Liceu in Barcelona. He has also worked as the director of L’Aula y Música Moderna (international network of schools of Berklee College of Music) between 2004 and 2008.

Sandoval has performed and recorded with many musicians such as Eddie Gomez, Billy Hart, Bob Mintzer, Carles Benavent, Horacio Fumero, Peer Wyboris, David Xirgu, David Mengual, Joan Albert Amargos, Sizao Machado, Greg Badolato and many others. He has recorded four successful albums as band leader: Sausolito (2005), Usaquen (2008), Miracielos (2011), Electric Trio Live.

Iñaki Sandoval artist of Steinway and Roland Electronic Instruments.

Recommended recordings: Sausolito (2005, with Horacio Fumero and Peer Wyboris), Usaquén (2008, with Horacio Fumero and David Xirgu), Miracielos (2011, with Eddie Gómez and Billy Hart), Electric Trio Live (2015, with Carles Benavent and Roger Blàvia, DVD & CD).



(Kolmapäev) 19:00