märts, 2019

02märts16:0017:30Spain: a melting pot of culturesTallinn La Tarara

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We are offering two talks (02/03 and 29/03) where we will analyse the multicultural Medieval Spain. We will talk about the Jew and Muslim presence in the Peninsula: its History, traditions, Historical Figures and their role in the development of Spanish History.


Under the name of Spanish territory for Jewish community, we will take a look at the role of the Jews Culture in the frame of Iberian Peninsula Middle Ages. We will offer a general overview of the main elements of the Jewish heritage both in Al-Andalus and the Christian Kingdoms of the north.

This talk wants to points the importance of the Jewish heritage and its marks on Culture and History of Spain and also the consequences of their expulsion. Also we want to stress the persistence of the spoken language by Sephardic Jews: the djudezmo, its relevance and persistence nowadays.

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(Laupäev) 16:00 - 17:30