võib, 2022


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From May 10, it is possible to visit the exhibition “Botanical art of the Spanish scientific expeditions” at the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu. The exhibition presents illustrations of South American flora made during Spanish scientific expeditions in the second half of the 18th century.

In the second half of the 18th century, Spain began a scientific program with the organization of scientific expeditions to study American nature. The impetus given to these expeditions was so important that seven scientific expeditions were organized, with the objective, among others, of “describing, drawing and forming herbaria of the plants that they discovered in those parts of South America”. The Spanish botanists and artists who participated in these expeditions formed outstanding collections of manuscripts, drawings and herbariums that are now preserved in the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

The collections of drawings made by the artists of the Spanish scientific expeditions constitute a unique botanical heritage, not only for their scientific interest, but also for their artistic, historical and cultural value. In 2010, these collections were recognized by the UNESCO´S Memory of the World Register for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Embassy of Spain in Estonia and the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

The exhibition will be available until 31 July and can be visited with the entrance ticket to the Botanical Garden: https://www.botaanikaaed.ut.ee/et/content/hinnakiri


Võib 10 (Teisipäev) 15:00 - Juuli 31 (Pühapäev) 20:00


Tartu ülikooli botaanikaaed

Lai 38


Embajada de Españaemb.tallin.ofc@maec.es Liivalaia 13, 6ª planta